Call Ahead for Take-Out Available After 5pm

-available until 4PM

Egg Sandwich 5.95
-fried egg, cheese, salsa rosa on ciabatta
add bacon $1

Avocado & Egg Sandwich 7.95
jalapeno salsa, multigrain

Yogurt and Granola 6.95
-with seasonal fruit

Steel Cut Oats  5.95
-walnuts, maple syrup, cream


available 11AM-close

Braised Kale
fava bean puree  8.95

Avocado and Cheese
cheddar, pickled red onion, caper mayo, arugula, tomato 8.95

Broccoli Sandwich
ricotta, pickled raisins, and pine nuts 9.95

Brisket w/ BBQ Sauce
blue cheese and slaw 11.95

Rotisserie Chicken
mayo, parsley, capers, red onion, & garlic on ciabatta  9.95

Pulled Pork
house kimchi, cucumber, mayo $11.95

Meatball Sandwich
provolone, tomato, ciabatta  10.95

with lettuce, tomato & mayo  10.95
-add bacon $1

Kid Sandwiches  4.95
-Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam
-Grilled Cheese

-available 11AM-close

Farro Salad 8.95

Kale Salad 7.95
add chicken 3

Soup of the Day 5.95

Side Fries  3.50

Side Potatoes 5.95

Side Sauteed Greens 6.95

Foccacia Pizza of the Day  (price varies)

Grilled Polenta  1.50 ea.



Rotisserie Chicken 15 (half bird) 20 (whole)
Organic, Free-Range. With braised greens and potatoes

Fried Chicken 13
3 pc (organic/free-range) with slaw

Meatballs with Sauce 13
Four meatballs, grilled bread

Lamb Chili 9.95
with yogurt and cilantro

Lasagne al Forno 16
Ragu of ground beef, pork, and veal. Bechamel sauce. Parmesan. Takes us 15-20 minutes. Heat at your home in 30.

Veggie Lasagne 16
Squash, mushroom, spinach, bechamel. Takes us 15-20 minutes. Heat at your home in 30.

Mac & Cheese $8